Thursday, July 07, 2005

Classic Mystery Short Story E-Books -- Free!

It's up right now! It's running! "Vintage Short Mystery Classics," my selected series of mystery/gothic stories by some of my own favorite writers from generations past, is available to you for downloading and reading. Go to and take down the stories you'd like to read—literally without obligation. I'd like nothing better than that you forward some of these vintage stories along to your friends. Introduce them to the genres of literature we've come to admire. The wonderful part is that they're free, because they're now so old they're in the public domain. My daughter Courtney (the artist) and I have been punching the text into digital files, and the first group of short stories now are formatted and posted for downloading. (CAVEAT: You'll see notices describing my "Harper Chronicles" stories in the back of each "Vintage Short Mystery Classics" storybook—but you can ignore those, if you wish.)

Please let us know what you think. More will be posted each month. Come back often!

Above all . . . enjoy!

In Christ,


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