Sunday, April 12, 2009


When my good pagan friends drill into me (as they enjoy doing) their enlightened conclusion that Scripture is a matter of "personal interpretation," I remember a statement one of them issued to me a year or two ago at Easter time. He said, "It all comes down to the question of belief, doesn't it?"

Profound. There it is—from a pagan.

Rev. Gordon Pols, writing in Today: The Family Altar for this Easter Sunday, explains: "Easter trips up the mind. . . . It flies in the face of all our experience. It contradicts the laws of nature. . . . Resurrection defies all we have ever seen or known. But of course! That's the whole point of Easter! How else could Easter be good news for a fallen, sin-seared, grave-filled world?"

Until you understand that you indeed are fallen and sin-seared and in desperate need of a Saviour . . . Easter and its Good News will mean nothing to you.



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