Monday, May 22, 2006

Weekly Folk Music Quiz (22may06)

The Chieftains recorded their 1988 album Irish Heartbeat with what legendary Irish rock star? a) Tommy Sands, b) Neil Diamond, c) Van Morrison, d) Ian Anderson.

Weekly History Quiz (22may06)

During the great famine of 1845-50, approximately how many citizens did Ireland lose to starvation and emigration combined? a) 20,000, b) 200,000, c) 2 million, d) 20 million.

Weekly Amusement (22may06)

Question on a history test: “Why were the Middle Ages also called the Dark Ages.”

Student’s desperation answer: “Because it had so many knights.”

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Weekly Folk Music Quiz (17may06)

Mandolin orchestras became popular around: a) 800, b) 1300, c) 1700, d) 1900.

Weekly History Quiz (17may06)

Yaroslav the Wise gave Kievan Russia what was probably its finest leadership . . . in what century? a) 7th), b) 11th, c) 16th, 19th.

Weekly Amusement (17may06)

Veronica decided to keep her goldfish in a bathtub. Her friend Marian raised several concerns, all of which Veronica had worked out.

“But what will you do with them when you take a shower?” Marian asked.

“Tell them they have to close their eyes.”

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Weekly Folk Music Quiz (6may06)

The rommelpot is a toy drum native to: a) South Africa, b) Brazil, c) Bavaria, d) Flanders.

Weekly History Quiz (6may06)

President Franklin D. Roosevelt died 12 April 1945—how long after beginning his fourth term in office? a) less than three months, b) just more than 11 months, c) exactly two years, d) exactly one week short of completing the term.

Weekly Amusement (6may06)

Definition of “infinity”: The place where two parallel lines never meet.